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Application of nanotechnology

povrchová úprava - využití nanotechnologieTo understand the functionality of nanotechnology can be likened their properties to the properties of lotus flowers.. The peculiarity of the lotus is the fact that you can not mess up any liquid. The reason is that the surface of the petals is fine crystals, which do not allow fluid to soak the flower itself. The fluid then runs off,without leaving any trace on the lotus flower.

This principle we use in our products. An example might be fabric, případně clothing, which upon interaction with water contaminated by, but will flow freely in the substance outside the surface. Another example is facade of the houseu, which is not pollute example. blowjob water from a puddle on the road in front of the house. The facade so retains its original color even in places where it is highly probable large degree of contamination. Other possibilities for nanotechnology is the protection against exposure to frost, humidity, frequent changing temperatures.